As you might have noticed, I stopped watermarking my images for quite sometime now. 

The reasons are as follows:

-  Watermarks make your audience look at the watermark instead of your image. (I did this one a lot, I would look at thousands of watermarked images just to find a cool looking one so that I could design my own watermark!)

-  All my images are under a Creative Commons Licence so everyone can use, download and share them, as long as it is not for Commercial use and, they give credit and link the image back to

-  If someone wants one of your images they're going to find a way to have it anyways.

-  It is part of the cost of doing business on the internet.

Do you watermark your images?? Let's hear it!

Another beautiful sunset

I'm a big fan of sunsets! This is a really cool one in the Boquerón area in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. I always love to go there with the family to relax, catch the cool breeze, get away from the routine and of course, to capture beautiful sceneries like this one.
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