I love shooting Sweet Fifteen events. The girls prepare for this special occasion and I always do my best to capture every detail for them to cherish for the rest of their lives.


When I sit down with my clients we usually talk about the photo-shoot, the wardrobe, the location, time, investment, etc. They're not usually concerned if the photos are going to be in full color or black and whites -- except for Amy. 

When I photographed Amy, she was concerned about everything related to how her photos were gonna turn out. She, believe it or not, didn't want full colored pictures, instead she asked me if I could edit most of her shoot either in sepia or black and white. When I showed her the proofs, she asked for a more "golden" sepia approach. Bellow is one of her favorites shots.

Peaceful look

Sometimes, before I take a picture I know before hand that it's going to be a B&W. Black and whites are really intriguing and interesting at the same time. Maybe is because we can see life in full color (unless you suffer from daltonism), that when we see something in B&W, we stop to look at it a little longer.

Under the spotlight

As you know photography is a form of art, in which the photographer captures light. There are many rules in photography and one of them is to avoid harsh shadows in the subject's face. But I love to play with light and harsh shadows because, in my opinion, they make the picture more intriguing. I also like to get low in relation to the subject to create some perspective.

By the beach

In Puerto Rico instead of celebrating a Sweet Sixteen party, girls celebrate a "Quinceañero" or Sweet Fifteen. As part of the ceremony the girls go to Church to receive a blessing. This shot captures that special moment.

The Blessing