Night life in San Juan is pretty busy and diverse. The Capital city of Puerto Rico is one of the more sought after tourists destinations. Here you can see a view of El Puente Dos Hermanos, the main gateway to El Condado. In this part of the city you will find some of the most exclusive hotels Puerto Rico have to offer as well as great dining and hangouts in the area.

Puente Dos Hermanos at Night

Dos Hermanos Bridge

Away from home... on deployment.

As some of you might know, I'm a service member. At the moment of this blog post I'm deployed with my unit and therefore, away from home. The hardest part of the deployment is being far away from the family and my kids. To make time go by faster, I brought my camera and soon I'll be posting some of the pictures that I've been taking.

Night view of El Condado

This shot was taken from the ninth floor of the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The view was fantastic as we just had a thunderstorm that passed by.
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Thank you!

As a photography enthusiast I'm putting my pictures in the web for everybody to see and enjoy. I started to write this blog about three months ago and the audience that comes and visit is growing at a steady pace. As you can see, we are getting over 1,000 visits a week, yay!!!! I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that are taking time from your busy live to visit this humble site. My promise to you is that I will continue to take and share pictures of what I see in this wonderful world of ours. Once again, thanks!!!


In this next shot you can see the south part of the Puerto Rico Capitol Building and to the north you can also appreciate a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean. This was taken around eight in the morning on a bright and sunny day.


Here is another shot from the San Juan area in Puerto Rico. I really like this one due to the fact that you can see the change in color of the ocean. To the north of the San Juan bay you can see how blue the water is and to the south the water is greenish in color.

San Juan Bay Entrance

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The Capitol of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Capitolio de Puerto Rico) is located on the Islet of San Juan just outside the walls of Old San Juan. The building is home to the bicameral Legislative Assembly, composed of the House of Representatives and Senate. The building is located in the Puerta de Tierra sector of San Juan.

The Capitol is also commonly referred to as the Palace of Laws (Spanish: Palacio de las Leyes).

As you can see right behind the Capitol Building is the Port of San Juan.

The "Port of San Juan" is the general name used to call various passenger and cargo facilities located in lands around the San Juan Bay (Bahía de San Juan). The port is composed of a total of sixteen piers, of which eight are used for passenger ships and eight for cargo ships. The port's facilities, in addition to, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and the Cataño Ferry "Lancha de Cataño" services, are property of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.

The bay and its docks are located along San Antonio Canal, a narrow navigable section of San Juan Bay lying south of Old San Juan and San Juan island, and north and west of the Puerto Rico Convention Center District and Isla Grande Airport. The municipalities of Cataño, Guaynabo and San Juan compose the south side of the bay and port.

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Capitol of Puerto Rico

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The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest in the Caribbean and the most technologically advanced throughout both the Caribbean and Latin America. Boasting 580,000 square feet of total space, the Center can accommodate groups of up to 10,000, in an ideal setting at the gateway to all the Island has to offer. It is a government owned building under the administration of the Convention Center District Authority.

It is also known as Dr. Pedro Rosselló Convention Center in honor of the former Governor of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Pedro Rosselló Convention Center

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I've been fortunate enough to ride in helicopters as part of my regular job. Every time I get a change to fly, I take my camera with me to snap some pictures. For this shots, we were traveling from the southern part of Puerto Rico to San Juan. As I recall, it was a cloudy morning with some showers. As we were arriving to San Juan, the sun was raising and some rays were slipping through the clouds.

Sun Rays

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It's no secret that one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Puerto Rico is Old San Juan. That's why every time I get a chance, I go and take pictures again and again. It's almost imposible not to capture beautiful pictures anywhere in Old San Juan. Bellow you can see more "Garitas" or Sentry Boxes.

Old San Juan

La Garita, a sentry box at El Morro castle, has come to symbolize Puerto Rico and El Viejo San Juan in particular.

Guarding the entrance

This lighthouse is on the El Morro Fort at Old San Juan. In my opinion, it's the most unusual lighthouse I have ever seen, and a beautiful symbol of Puerto Rico.

A Beautiful Lighthouse