For this one I was really, really patient. First I was waiting for the perfect lighting and also I didn't want anyone to be in the frame. Well, it paid off as you can see, a beautiful sunset and if you look closer you can also see a small lens flare caused by shooting straight into the sun.

Lifeguard shack

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After writing and publishing this post, I submitted my picture to for them to share. It turns out they did immediately. Keep sharing your work for everyone to see and enjoy!

Bellow is the screen capture of their website.

Every once in a while I send out pictures to some websites in order to get part of my work out there for everybody to see. One of those sites is: This website is geared up towards showing pictures of Puerto Rico taken by their readers. A great aspect of this website is that they give the photographer full credit for the work submitted to them. Below you can see various screenshots of my pictures published by them.

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